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City of Kitchener

Dataset catalogue

2011 Census: Mother Tongue by DA Refers to the first language learned at home in childhood and still understood by the individual.
2011 Census: Population by Age (DA)Total Population by Age Groups for City of Kitchener
2016 - 10 Year Capital Forecast10 Year Capital Forecast for 2016
3D Conceptual Model: City HallKitchener City Hall
3D Conceptual Model: Downtown 1 (2014)North Side of King St W from College St to Queen St N (2014)
3D Conceptual Model: Downtown 2 (2014)North Side of King St W from Victoria St N to College St (2014)
3D Conceptual Model: Downtown 3 (2014)South Side of King St W from College St to Queen St S (2014)
3D Conceptual Model: Downtown 4 (2014)South Side of King St W from Victoria St S to College St
3D Conceptual Model: Kitchener Downtown - Breithaupt to Francis (2016)3D Model from Breithaupt St to Francis St.
3D Conceptual Model: Kitchener Downtown - Francis to Ontario (2016)3D Model from Francis St. to Ontario St
3D Conceptual Model: Kitchener Downtown - Frederick to Cedar (2016)3D Model from Ontario St to Frederick St
3D Conceptual Model: Kitchener Downtown - Ontario to Frederick (2016)3D Model from Ontario St to Frederick St
3D Warehouse3D models of various buildings in Kitchener
Address RangeCivic addresses by range on property
AddressesCivic addresses by property
Aerial Imagery 2012 OverviewAerial Imagery Overview of the entire city at a compressed resolution.
Aerial Imagery 2014 OverviewAerial Imagery Overview of the entire city at a compressed resolution.
Application Status Report: CondominiumCondominium Applications
Application Status Report: Demolition ControlDemolition Control Applications
Application Status Report: Official Plan AmendmentOfficial Plan Amendments
Application Status Report: Site PlanSite Plan Applications
Application Status Report: SubdivisionSubdivision Applications
Application Status Report: Zone ChangeZone Change Applications
ArenasSports arena locations
Baseball DiamondsBaseball Diamond locations
Basketball CourtsBasketball Court locations
Benchmarks (geodetic control)Location of benchmarks (geodetic control) features
Bike Racks, Bike Lockers, Fix-it Stands and Community Bike ShareLocations of bike racks, bike lockers,fix-it stands and Community Bike Share bikes
BridgesLocations of bridge infrastructure
Building PermitsBuilding permits issued by the City of Kitchener
BuildingsBuilding footprints drawn from aerial imagery, building surveys or site plans
Business DirectoryList of businesses currently operating in the City of Kitchener
Business Improvement AreaBoundary of Business Improvement Areas, in which property owners contribute through property taxes
Business Licenses: non-temporary onlyList of non-temporary Business Licenses issued.
Business ParksBoundaries of municipally-developed business parks
CemeteriesProperty boundary of cemetery locations
City-owned BuildingsLocation of buildings owned by the City of Kitchener
Cityworks Service RequestCityworks Service Requests
Community CentresLocation of Community Centres
Community Improvement PlansBoundary of area in which municipal incentives are available
Contours 2014LIDAR generated contours collected October 24, 2014
Development ChargesBoundary of applicable development-charge rates.
Dog ParksDog Park locations
Downtown Boundary and DistrictsDowntown Boundary and Districts within dowtown Kitchener
Elected OfficialsThe mayor is elected by voters across the city and councillors by voters within specific wards.
Election Results per Poll: 2014Lists the results per poll for the 2014 City of Kitchener Election
Emergency ServicesEmergency Service locations
Golf CoursesGolf course locations in Kitchener
Government ServicesLocation of various government services
Heritage DistrictsThere are four Heritage Districts within the City of Kitchener
Heritage PropertiesDesignated Heritage Properties
HospitalsHospital locations
Industrial ArtifactsInstallation locations of Industrial Artifacts
Land ParcelUnavailable through Open Data
LibrariesLibrary locations
Municipal BoundaryThe municipal boundary of the City of Kitchener
MuseumsMuseum locations
Neighbourhood AssociationDefined boundaries of neighbourhoods that have formed associations.
On-Street Public ParkingParking spaces along roads
Outdoor Ice RinksOutdoor ice rink locations
Parking FeaturesThe locations of parking features such as: parking signs, bill changers, pay and display machines.
Parking InfractionsParking infractions issued by bylaw enforcement from 2011 to 2016
Parking Lots PublicCity-owned Parking Lot Locations
ParksProperty boundaries of park locations.
Places of WorshipPlaces of worship locations
Planning CommunitiesPlanning communities within the City of Kitchener
PlaygroundsPlayground locations
Points of InterestPoints of Interest
Pools and Splash PadsPool and splash pad locations
Public ArtInstallation locations of Public Art
Public Washrooms (Comfort Stations)Outdoor public washroom locations in Kitchener
Railway LinesRailway lines drawn from aerial photography.
Rain Gauge Historical: Kitchener City Hall 2011-2014Rainfall data collected by rain gauge, in millimetres (mm), at Kitchener City Hall.
Rivers, Creeks and LakesSurface water features within Kitchener
Road ClosuresDaily list of planned road closures
Road NetworkLine feature drawn along the centerline of streets
Schools - Elementary and SecondaryLocations of elementary and secondary schools
Schools - Post Secondary Education FacilitiesUnversity, College and Adult Continuing Education locations
Soccer FieldsSoccer field locations
Tennis CourtsTennis Court locations
Traffic All Way StopLocation of traffic all way stop signs
Traffic CalmingLocation of traffic calming features
Traffic ClosuresDaily list of planned traffic closures in Kitchener
Traffic CollisionsLocations of midblock traffic collisions. Data collected from 2007 to May 2014.
Traffic Crossing GuardsLocations of School Crossing Guards
Traffic LightsLocation of traffic lights and pedestrian signals
Traffic MarkingsPainted traffic markings on roads
Traffic VolumesContains Annual Average Daily Traffic (AADT) volumes for all city-owned streets
Trail Counters - Pedestrian and CyclistsTrail use data collected by eco-counters from Aug 25, 14 to Sept 9, 2016
TrailsOver 150 kilometres of community trails
Tree InventoryInventory of city street trees.
Voting Subdivisions - 2014Boundaries of Voting Subdivisions for 2014 Election
Walkability NetworkThis dataset is a combination of sidewalks, trails and links forming a continuous network.
WardsThe political boundary representing each of the wards within the municipality of Kitchener.
Water HydrantsLocations of Water Hydrants
Water Main BreaksInventory of all water main breaks in the city of Kitchener.
Water ValvesLocations of Water Valves
ZoningUnavailable through Open Data